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Following are the reasons why you should consider studying France:

  • World Class economic power: France is the world’s 5th-largest economy and ranks 2nd-largest in Europe. With 66 million consumers, it also becomes Europe’s 2nd-largest market. With such a strong economy France is full of employment opportunities for graduates and professionals.
  • Funded and certified education: Irrespective of the nationality of students, both international and local students do not have to face any distinction in any aspect while studying in France. They have to fulfill the same admission requirements, are awarded the same degrees, and pay the same tuition fees.
  • High-quality education: There are a total of 3500 private and public institutions offering unique programs and seeking excellence in all fields. They work with the most reputed faculties and students certainly receive the advantage of their experience and expertise in teaching and development. High-tech laboratories, ancient libraries, modern infrastructure, and a comprehensive, well-structured syllabus makes it an ideal place for students to take up higher studies.
  • A Research ground: For hundreds of years, France has been a popular destination for researchers, scientists, mathematicians for conducting doctoral studies. In terms of spending on research, France ranks 6th in the world with a high number of Nobel prize winners from the country for their phenomenal work in Mathematics, Science, and Medicine, etc.
  • Fashion and Arts capital: Beauty and elegance form an important part of the French way of living. As France has been a hub of arts, culture, and fashion, students will have many opportunities to get involved in non-academic activities which will enrich their study abroad experience like nowhere else in the world. There are also thousands of programs offered in these fields with specializations in luxury, brand, merchandising, designing, modeling, etc.
  • Industrial and Business leaders: France is home to more than 40 multinational corporations and advanced industries. Hence, if students are planning to study business in France, this would be the perfect place to start your career. Job opportunities in business-related fields are immense and international students can gain skillful experience by working with some of the best companies in the world.
  • Metropolitan environment: Students from diverse backgrounds and cultures come to study in France. It will allow you to meet, interact, understand, and build a network of connections with people belonging to different communities that will help you personally and professionally in the long run.
  • Friendly visa regulations: France has set out relaxed immigration and visa rules for international students. You can expect to obtain a visa with the least complications and procedures involved unlike the USA and other countries. Students can stay back and work for 2 years post completion of a qualification from a recognized university in France. Students can also work for 20 hours per week while studying and full-time during holidays.
  • Numerous scholarships available: France has a good network of organizations and institutions for students to receive education grants, scholarships, education loans, etc. These scholarships are extremely lucrative for international students to save tuition fees and expenses.
  • No language barrier: The medium of instruction and mode of teaching in French universities and schools is mostly English. Hence, international students can enjoy learning in France without any language issues. The French language is not a mandate for admission to majority courses. Very few universities need you to learn basic or moderate level French language before enrolling with them for higher studies.

Education System in France
Want to study in France? Know some Fast Facts about France as one of the best study abroad destination.
  • France a country of, medieval cities, alpine villages, countless restaurants, and rich emotions, located in western Europe is surrounded by highly developed European countries. It has great geographical diversity along its coastlines, meadows, and rivieras and has been the centre of educational and cultural exchange and learning since many years.
  • The mixed economic system of France has advantages of both capitalist and socialist elements which makes it one of the major economic powers of the world. With a diversified private sector which includes agricultural, industrial and service activities France holds a GDP growth rate of 1.8% P.A.
  • The industrial and economic aspects of France are routinely regularized by governments in accordance with the foreign competitive requirements. The Chemical industry has a significant share in the country’s economic growth followed by Hospitality and Tourism industry.
  • Students who want to pursue an MBA from a highly reputed school, or a career in Hospitality management, Tourism, culinary arts, bar-tending, fashion technology/ designing or textile/accessory designing, Perfume making/testing, Arts and many other fields, France would be the right country for them. France has numerous full time/ part-time programs, vocational courses related to the above mentioned fields.
  • This country is very friendly with a remarkable presence of global tourists and flamboyant metropolitan culture all around the year. Students can participate in many extra-curricular activities, social gatherings, and cultural arts & meets.
  • Higher education in France is known for its excellent teachers and research. From Technology, Business to Arts, this country completely lives up to its reputation. As a study abroad location, no place in the world can arguably match with the superior standards and dynamic curriculum structure achieved by French universities and colleges.

   France Education System

  • In France, the higher education system is regulated by the Ministry in charge of Higher Education. Higher education covers all studies after the Bachelor’s programs
  • France has an open system at the university level. All Bachelor’s degree holders are allowed to enter this system with no specific selection procedure except the minimum higher secondary education. All universities offer an extremely wide range of studies
  • Education system in France is in accordance with the European Higher Education Area which has a three cycle degree structure. It uses European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) common to many countries in Europe. To successfully complete a course module, one credit corresponding to the student workload is required. These credits can be accumulated and transferred. The curriculum of the program is organized into a span of 6 months and teaching units called modules
  • A Bachelor's degree with 180 ECTS and an academic orientation gives access to master's programs. Bachelor's degree with a professional orientation opens doors to the employment market
  • A Master's program requires 300 ECTS- 180 ECTS at Bachelor's level and 120 ECTS at Master's level. The master's degree can either have a professional or an academic orientation. All Bachelor’s degree holders can enroll into a Master’s degree program. A qualified master's degree in science and engineering is a fully integrated curriculum of 300 ECTS, delivered by institutions accredited by the CTI (Commission des Titres d'ingénieurs)
  • PhD programs are completely research oriented, open to Master’s degree holders with a record of high academic performance and research
Universities in France
Application Requirement

Application Requirements to Study in UK

( Bachelor's )
( Master's)

Passport ✅ ✅
 Resume ✅ ✅
Recommendation Letters ✅ ✅

 GRE / GMAT ❌*Variable

Marksheets ✅ ✅
Certificates ✅ ✅
 Transcripts ✅ ✅

 Portfolio *Variable *Variable
 Work Experience Documents ❌ *Variable
 Transcript Evaluation

*Variable- This requirement varies according to the program and university

 ✅ Required


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