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Study in Latvia

Study in Latvia
Education System
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Study in Latvia

Want to study in Latvia? Know some Fast Facts about Latvia as one of the best study abroad destination.


  • Latvia is surrounded by Russia and Belarus and shares sea borders with Sweden. Latvia is a beautiful country with wide beaches along with dense and sprawling forests. It has a green environment and controls one of the largest song and dance festivals in the world. It is due to Latvia’s low population that the country has retained its natural surroundings and environment.
  • Education in Latvia is administered at three levels which are; national, municipal, and institutional. The policies regarding education are planned and developed by the Ministry of Education, Science, and members of the ministry. Latvia has a government of 118 administrative divisions with 9 cities and 109 municipalities.
  • With expert faculties, Latvian universities have a range of programs and specializations for international students at low tuition costs. Due to its European counterparts, Latvia offers quality education with a powerful research and innovation background.
  • More than 5000 international students are enrolling every year in Latvian universities. However, there are fewer international students in Latvia compared to other European countries. So, it is easy to explore healthy opportunities in multinational organizations. Also, international students have access to study exchange programs between countries.
  • Academic programs in Latvian universities for higher education are related to fundamental and applied sciences. Both bachelor's and master's degree programs are designed with constituting a thesis at the end of every stage of these programs. The education structure may seem complex for an international student, but the system ensures the highest degree of competency with innovative features like ‘Study and Research in Latvia’.
  • There are also some universities in Latvia that are ranked among the best by known ranking entities. The University of Latvia, Riga Technical University, and the Latvia University of Agriculture are some of the top-ranked universities in Latvia. Many countries have collaborated with Latvian universities that give an advantage of science scholarships to study in Latvia.
  • Compared to the size of the population, Latvia lands 2nd in the number of students in the world. The universities in Latvia have compulsory internship opportunities that help students securely apply for jobs and get practical knowledge right away.
  • Latvia is also famous for having the fastest internet speed. With the world going rapidly online in recent years, having a strong internet connection helps with research, online streaming, and student-friendly browsing. Latvia is considered one of the best innovators and hence, students are also taught to bring out innovative ideas for growing sectors.
  • There are no restrictions for students working part-time while studying on a student visa. After getting a resident permit, international students can work for up to 20 hours / per week with any employer.
  • Latvia is a part of the European Union (EU). So, pursuing higher studies and obtaining a degree in Latvia is equivalent to that from any other EU country.
  • Recognized by UNESCO, as world-class culture phenomena involving over 40,000 participants, Latvia is recognized as one of the European Capitals of Culture.
Education System

Latvia Education System

The central objective of the Latvian education system is to ensure international acknowledgment and to offer a western-type structure for degrees and qualifications. The education system of Latvia is actively involved in multinational cooperation in the field of education and research with a vision of a successful career in the international job market.

The education system in Latvia can be categorized as :-

      • Primary education – Education for children between the ages of 5 – 18 is free and compulsory in Latvia. The first nine years involves basic schooling followed by the next two years of vocational education (Certificate of basic vocational education is awarded)
      • Secondary Education – Secondary education is for students between the ages of 16 – 19 which make it 3 years of general secondary education.
      • Vocational Secondary education – Another 3 or 4 years of specialization industry training for the students between the ages of 15 -18/19. For successful completion, a certificate/diploma is awarded to the students.
      • Tertiary (Undergraduate) – A bachelor’s degree is awarded which in most cases is the preparation of a thesis. The duration is mostly 3 to 4 years and students are eligible for further higher education qualifications.
      • Tertiary (Postgraduate) – A master’s degree is awarded to students after a bachelor’s degree. This degree also requires a thesis presentation and has a duration of 1 to 2 years. The total duration of the course may be around 5 years.
      • Tertiary (Doctorate) – Doctorate degree studies are available at both higher education institutes and research institutes. The doctorate degree is awarded to students after completion of the master’s degree. The duration of the course is around three to four years and also includes a thesis presentation.
      • Types of Higher Education programs: -
        1. Academic programs provide theoretical knowledge and also focus on enhancing students’ research skills. These programs are built upon fundamental and applied science and require a thesis at the end of each stage followed to a bachelor’s or master’s degree.
        2. Professional programs are generally more vocational and focus on providing in-depth knowledge to develop students in areas like improvement of systems and technologies along with teaching and research pursuits in their field.

    The Latvian Academic year

    Autumn Semester

    1. Lectures: September – December
    2. Exams: December or January
    3. Holiday Break: Christmas

    Spring Semester

      1. Lectures: February to end of May
      2. Exams: May/June
      3. Holiday Break: July to August

      Latvian Grading system

      The academic grading scale has been changed to a 10 point scale. In this scale, grade 10 is considered as the most exceptional achievable grade while 1 is considered as pure performance. The following are the grading scales with description: -

9 – 9.99


 10.00 Outstanding A+
 9 – 9.99 Excellent
 8 – 8.99 Very Good
 7 – 7.99 Good
 6 – 6.99 Almost Good
 5 – 5.99 Satisfactory
 4 – 4.99 Almost Satisfactory
 3 – 3.99 Unsatisfactory
 2 – 2.99
 1 – 1.99
Cost and Scholarship


  • Latvia is one of the best options for studying abroad in terms of affordable tuition and living costs. As an EU country, you can avail of all the benefits of a European country in Latvia at affordable costs compared to other EU countries.
  • International students who are not from EU/EEA and Nordic countries or Switzerland will require a student visa in Latvia. Along with the student visa, a resident permit process should be initiated as soon as you land in Latvia. The application fee for a Latvian student visa is EUR60.
  • Tuition and living costs depend upon the chosen university and type of course/program. However, non – EU students are required to pay more compared to local students and EU counterparts.
  • Cost of higher education for students in Latvia:-
  • The average tuition costs for undergraduate/ bachelor degree courses are in the range of EUR3000 – EUR5000/ year. The bachelor's degree has a duration of 3-4 years, so the total tuition cost for a bachelor’s degree can go up to EUR15, 000 – EUR20, 000.
  • Whereas, average tuition costs for master’s degree courses are EUR1700for EU/EEA and Switzerland students and EUR3800 per year for other international students.
  • Medicine and dentistry courses can cost higher in the range of EUR7500 – EUR15000 per year.
  • Tuition costs for some of the popular study areas
  • Healthcare and medicine – EUR8000 to EUR15000/year
  • Business administration and management – EUR2000 to EUR6000/year
  • Mathematics – EUR2000 to EUR4000/year
  • IT and Engineering Programs – EUR2700 to EUR4000/year
  • Informatics – EUR2000 to EUR4000/year
  • Computer Science – EUR1800 to EUR 3800/year.
  • Similar to tuition costs; living expenses in Latvia are also much affordable for international students. However, there are differences in living costs depending upon the location, type of program, and lifestyle. Living costs while studying in a city like Riga can be more expensive than other cities in Latvia. Accommodation costs in Riga on a sharing basis can cost EUR100 – EUR200 while these costs can be doubled when lived without sharing.
  • However, living costs in other cities like Liepaja and Ventspils are cheaper than in Riga. Still, costs in Riga are lower compared to other EU student cities. Accommodation costs in Liepaja cost around EUR50 – EUR150 and in Ventspils cost around EUR85 – EUR 100. On average total living costs including food, transportation, utility, accommodation, and other expenses may cost around EUR450 to EUR750.
  • Many universities also offer student halls of residence or dormitories to international students. This is the cheapest option for students that also saves their time of traveling to the university and money required for transportation. Along with the tuition fees, there are some academic fees required at the start of your semester. These costs are administration fee, exam fee, library and laboratory fee and deposit (if any), etc. These costs vary with the university and must be confirmed by the university during the commencement of your semester.
  • Other than the above academic fees, non-academic fees like health insurance, medical and visa fees are also to be considered while planning your finances to study in Latvia.


  • Finances are always a concern for students who are planning to study abroad. So, if a part of your finances is being taken care of, then the study process becomes less stressful and hassle-free. One easy and guaranteed way of getting your finances or a part of your finances covered is applying for scholarships.
  • The following are some scholarships for students wishing to study in Latvia:-
    Latvian State Scholarship
    1. State scholarships for studies
    1. The scholarship benefits the students from countries that have signed an agreement with Latvia or provide scholarships to Latvian students/citizens.
    2. The duration for the scholarship is 10 months for bachelor’s and master’s studies and 11 months for Ph.D. students.
    3. The granted amount for students pursuing bachelor’s, masters, and the first level of professional higher education studies is 500 EUR / month. For Ph.D. students, the amount of scholarship is 670EUR/month.
    4. The scholarship will not be granted if you already possess a scholarship. Latvian scholarship cannot be awarded simultaneously with other scholarships.
    5. Travel expenses like travel from home country to Latvia are not covered in this scholarship. Also, insurance coverage should be arranged by the scholarship holder as it is not covered in the scholarship.
    6. The total grant amount allotted to one country must not exceed 10% for the scholarship holders from that country.
    2. State fellowship for research
    1. The fellowship benefits the citizens from countries that have signed an agreement with Latvia or provide scholarships to Latvian students/citizens.
    2. The duration of the fellowship is 5 months.
    3. The academic and scientific staff that belong to foreign education and research institutions alone are eligible for this fellowship.
    4. If the student stays in the regions of Latvia for less than 15 days then the fellowship will not be provided.
    5. The granted amount for students pursuing bachelor’s, masters, and the first level of professional higher education studies is 500 EUR / month. For Ph.D. students, the amount of scholarship is 670EUR/month.
    6. The fellowship will not be granted if you already possess a scholarship. Latvian fellowship cannot be awarded simultaneously with other scholarships.
    7. Travel expenses like travel from home country to Latvia are not covered in this fellowship. Also, insurance coverage should be arranged by the fellowship holder as it is not covered in the fellowship.
    8. The total grant amount allotted to one country must not exceed 10% for the fellowship holders from that country.
  • Summer Schools Latvian Government Scholarship
    1. The State Education Development Agency administered by the Latvian government offers scholarships for summer school.
    2. The scholarships are available to students, researchers, and teaching staff for studies and research in summer school in Latvian higher education institutes.
    3. Only the researchers and students from foreign country higher education institutes are eligible to apply for the Summer school Latvian government scholarship.
    4. The scholarship benefits the students from countries that have signed an agreement with Latvia or provide scholarships to Latvian students/citizens.
    5. The scholarship is offered for the duration of the summer school.
    6. The scholarship amount is 711EUR per person which is transferred by VIAA to the summer school organizers.
    7. The participants of the summer school have to bear the traveling expenses from their home country to the summer school location by themselves.
  • Other scholarships in Latvia for international students: -
    1. ERCIM Alain Bensoussan Fellowship
    2. HKADC Overseas Arts Administration Scholarships
    3. National Arts Council Arts Scholarships
    4. Ritchie –Jennings Memorial Scholarships
    5. NWO Rubicon Scholarship
    6. Royal Society International Exchange Program
    7. IAL Research Grants for Doctoral Studies
Application Requirement

Application Requirements to Study in USA

( Bachelor's )
( Master's )

Passport ✅ ✅
 Resume ✅ ✅
 SOP ❌ ✅
Essay  *Variable *Variable
Recommendation Letters  *Variable *Variable

 SAT  *Variable  ❌
 GRE / GMAT ❌ *Variable

Marksheets ✅ ✅
Certificates ✅ ✅
 Transcripts ✅ ✅

 Portfolio *Variable *Variable
 Work Experience Documents ❌ *Variable
 Transcript Evaluation
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